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Official Release: The Road to Recovery: Ken's Journey Across Texas

Co-produced with our friends at Pay It Forward SA, this film aims to shed light on the devastating effects of drug abuse and the transformative power of recovery.

To honor his mother who passed away from an overdose, and to raise awareness for the organization that supported him in his early recovery, we follow Ken Anderlitch and his support crew as they embark on a life-changing run across Texas. With a heart full of gratitude for his recovery, Ken refused to let his past define his future and picked up running as a healthy distraction that helped him quit smoking, resulting in his discovery of his natural running abilities. Displaying a profound amount of discipline and Olympic-size endurance for over 800 miles, Ken pays tribute to his late mother and reflects on his recovery and the enduring community who never let him down.

Through breathtaking footage of the Texas landscape, interviews with Ken and his support team, and touching testimonials from people who have battled drug addiction, "The Road to Recovery: Ken's Journey Across Texas" shares a powerful and honest portrayal of the devastating effects of drug abuse.

The film also showcases the remarkable power of recovery and the importance of community support in the healing process. By following Ken's journey, viewers witness the strength of the human spirit and the ability to overcome even the most difficult of obstacles.

We hope that "The Road to Recovery: Ken's Journey Across Texas" will inspire viewers to seek help and support if they are struggling with addiction and to remember that they are not alone. Together with Pay It Forward SA, we are proud to have brought this important story to the screen and to contribute to the ongoing conversation about drug abuse and recovery.

Get to Know the Crew Behind Ken

Of all the family, friends, and community who traveled to support Ken, no two spent more time with him than his friends and crew mates, Roel "Ro" Gonzales and Steve Carter. We sat down with them earlier this year to get some behind-the-scenes perspective on their day-to-day on the sometimes lonely road, learn what it was like crewing with Ken, what motivated them to support this campaign, and more.

Pay It Forward's Impact

Pay it Forward SA provides recovery support and sober living facilities for both men and women to help them rebuild their lives after they complete drug and alcohol rehab, significantly improving their chances of staying clean and sober.

Pay It Forward was founded in 2010 by a recovering alcoholic. During his recovery process he identified a gap in the transitional needs of those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse following substance use treatment or incarceration.

As a beneficiary of Pay It Forward SA’s programs, Ken is excited to have the opportunity to give back to Pay It Forward in the hope that more like him can be given the same leg up that helped to change his own life.

For those moved to donate to an organization Ken holds dear visit

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