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The Road to Recovery: 

Ken's Journey Across Texas


7 years of sobriety

840 miles across Texas

About the Film

This documentary follows Kenneth Anderlitch, a man in long-term recovery who is attempting to run 840 miles across the state of Texas to raise awareness about addiction and inspire those who may be struggling with it themselves. Through breathtaking footage of the Texas landscape, interviews with Ken and his support team, and testimonials from people who have battled drug addiction, this film sheds light on the devastating effects of drug abuse and the transformative power of recovery.

Ken's Story

Kenneth Anderlitch has overcome a life of substance use and homelessness stemming from traumatic childhood sexual abuse. With a heart full of gratitude for his recovery, Kenneth refuses to let his past define his future. Running became a healthy distraction that helped him quit smoking, and he discovered his natural talent as a runner.

To honor his mother who passed away from an overdose, and to raise awareness for the organization that supported him in his early recovery, Kenneth ran across Texas. Starting in El Paso the day after Thanksgiving, he ran an average of 44.2 miles per day, completing his 840 mile run in 19 days and raising $50,000 for Pay It Forward SA. This San Antonio-based non-profit provides access to safe, supportive sober living through two programs: the PIF sober living dorm, which operates on the Haven for Hope campus and offers after-care sober living for those who have completed substance use treatment, and the Bridge program, which provides scholarships to cover move-in expenses for private sober living.

Now an employee of Haven for Hope, Kenneth is using his talent and ability to make a difference in impactful ways. He ran from Austin to Corpus Christi in support of Child-Safe, an organization that provides support and healing to childhood victims of sexual abuse and assault, raising $17,000 in just 48 hours. As a beneficiary of both of Pay It Forward SA's programs, Kenneth is excited to give back and provide others with the same opportunities that helped to change his own life.

Pay it Forward SA

Pay it Forward SA provides recovery support  and sober living facilities for both men and women to help them rebuild their lives after they complete drug and alcohol rehab providing them a significantly improved chance of staying clean and sober than with drug rehab programs alone, 

Pay It Forward was founded in 2010 by a recovering alcoholic. During his recovery process he identified a gap in the transitional needs of those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse following substance use treatment or incarceration.





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Fastest Known Time

Day 1: 44 miles - El Paso

Day 2: 49 miles - Dell City

Day 3: 49 miles - Orla

Day 4: 47 miles - Mentone

Day 5: 46 miles - Monohans

Day 6: 43 miles - Odessa

Day 7: 47 miles - Midland

Dat 8: 48 miles - Sterling City

Day 9: 39 miles - San Angelo

Day 10: 46 miles - Millersview

Day 11: 44 miles - Mercury

Day 12: 42 miles - Goldthwaite

Day 13: 45 miles - Gates

Day 14: 43 miles - Waco 

Day 15: 40 miles - Groesbeck 

Day 16: 40 miles - Oakwood

Day 17: 32 miles - Palestine

Day 18: 54 miles - Mt. Enterprise

Day 19: 42 miles - Logansport

Daily Average Mileage: 44.2m

Daily Average Activity: 6.25hrs

Average Pace:

7:50min miles

19 Days | 840 miles

Previous F.K.T. was done in

27 days on April 20, 2019 by Don Muchow



Official Selection
Rivercity Underground Film Festival

Rivercity Underground Film Festival (RUFF)
January 13, 2024

San Antonio, Texas

Director: Adam Dusenbury
Executive Producers: Hamilton Barton & Paul White
Producer: Elizabeth Reiser


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