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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our creative services? Read our answers to the most commonly asked questions. 


  • What are your rates for your video services?


A: Production costs are dependent upon the scope of your project and the turnaround time required. Rates are generally quoted based on three variables: 1. Overall deliverable 2. The amount of production and post-production time needed to complete that deliverable 3. Location & time of day. For a quote on your next project, email


  • What should I know about my project before requesting a quote?


A: We recommend you understand the type of video you want to create, what your budget is, and your timeline for the video production. Not sure what your project will require? We are happy to discuss your next project needs. 


  • How many edits/revisions are included? 


A: Two rounds of revisions are included with every project. We call it the Rough-Cut and the Final-Cut. If, for any reason, additional corrections are necessary, there is an additional revision fee.


  • Will there be any additional costs with my video production that are not on the original quote?


A: There are no hidden equipment or crew fees.

  • Who owns the footage you shoot for me?

A: You own the rights to your footage. FOREVER!

  • Do you offer graphic design, animation, and narration services?

A: Yes, we work with a network of creatives and voice talent actors on the productions that require these services.



  • ​Do you provide broadcasting services? 

A: While not an AV company, we do offer livestreaming and simulive production services.

  • Do you travel for work outside of San Antonio?

A: Yes, we travel throughout Texas, the United States, and internationally.


  • Do you charge extra for travel?

A: Yes, travel is a separate charge and includes fuel, transportation, and accommodations where applicable.

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