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Why event production services are the backbone of any event

Our event production team is ready to help you plan and execute your event. With decades of event experience, our team is well-seasoned in providing live-streaming services, pre-recorded content, promotional sizzle reels, on-demand content, and event photography. This post explains how those aforementioned services are the backbone of any audience-centered conference or event.


We have been live-streaming for clients for over three years, seamlessly connecting audiences with real-time content and removing barriers to inclusivity and connection regardless of geographical limitations. What event organizers have quickly come to realize is that live-streaming an event does a variety of tactical things all under one umbrella; it can help broaden your audience base, boost real-time engagement among attendees, and encourage attendees to share their experience with others online.

Embracing live-streaming not only facilitates connection, it also opens up avenues for revenue generation and increased brand recognition for those unable to make it in-person. Whether you choose to live-stream select sessions or the entire conference agenda to your website or mobile app during the event, catering to remote attendees eager to access your valuable content opens doors for virtual tickets and additional sponsor packages


On-demand content is a great way to keep your audience engaged and learning after the conference. Whether attendees miss a session or they want to revisit a presentation hours, days or event months later, offering on-demand means they can experience your program content when it's convenient for them, adding additional value to their membership.

We understand this value-add benefit and we have an experienced team that can record, edit, package, and upload program content in as little as 24 hours. Depending on your event platform, you can also create a customizable experience building playlists of presentations based on a viewers interest areas or speaker topics. This service also comes in handy while stewarding sponsors as well as end of year reports for organizations stakeholders. Lastly, these recorded sessions can be shared with presenters and keynote speakers as a thank you for their time and subject matter expertise that attracted so many to the conference.

Pre-recorded Content Pre-recorded content for events and conferences can be broken into two categories: mission-driven content and event-driven content.

Mission-driven content encompasses client testimonials, sponsor interviews and thank-yous, and honoree tributes. These videos create an emotional connection with the audience, fostering a deeper understanding and support for the organization's mission by communicating its core values, goals, and real-world impact.

  • Sharing authentic stories through testimonials provides an unmatched credibility, helping attendees connect to the work on a more personal level and reinforces the significance of the cause.

  • Recognizing the most strident supporters with honoree tributes celebrate individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to the cause and inspire the audience to their continued dedication.

  • Sponsor thank-yous are not just expressions of gratitude; they are essential for building and maintaining strong partnerships. It also has the ability to reinforce a sense of shared purpose and attract new sponsors to a meaningful cause.

Conversely, event-driven content is speaker and keynote presentations, bumper ads, splash screens, digital signs, and anything else that helps keep the event on track and offers attendees event branded entertainment. Pre-recording content also affords event organizers the opportunity to fine-tune every digital detail, ensuring brand and subject continuity, and ultimately elevating the caliber of the entire event experience.

Event Recaps

Compelling marketing videos, such as sizzle reels, serve as invaluable tools in packaging the energy and distinctiveness of an event and conveying its unique benefits. These visual narratives go beyond merely documenting moments – they highlight the special micro-moments that can define the very essence of a conference or event. By showcasing the vibrancy of the event and the allure of its host city, these videos become non-negotiables when it comes to attracting sponsors and attendees. Our experienced videographers look for those special micro-moments of engagement that define the essence of an event to create engaging promotional videos that elevate your event marketing toolkit and increase the appeal of your event to sponsors, attendees, partners, and speakers.

Event photography

Event photography isn't just about taking pictures; it's about preserving memories and adding a visual element to the event story. But beyond the sentimental value, these captivating images serve as powerful marketing assets. We go to great lengths to capture candid interactions, pivotal moments, keynote speakers, and sponsor engagements that capture the essence of an event. Our dedicated team of photographers collaborates with you to create a comprehensive plan that aligns with your marketing goals. We guarantee a collection of stunning photographs that not only preserve the essence of the event but also serve as impactful promotional material for the future.

Events and conferences that have used our event video production services:

ACRM 2023

For Her 2022 - PRESENT

Geekdom Incubator 2020 - PRESENT

Geekdom Community Fund 2020 - PRESENT

Pay it Forward SA 2016 - PRESENT

Prospera 2021 - PRESENT

San Antonio Spurs 2016 - PRESENT

UCT 2022 - 2024

What surprises many of our clients and likely will surprise you is that our team also has more than 25 years of event support experience, including speaker coordination, registration, sponsor and exhibitor support, managing and designing marketing collateral, and A/V support. That uniquely sets us apart from most videographers and photographers hired for events and allows us to be an additional thought partner, from ideating and planning an event to its execution and troubleshooting on-site in real-time.

Regardless of where we fit on your team, we are dedicated to turning your events into unforgettable experiences.

You can find our full list of event services on our event page.

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