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Aerial Views No Longer Just "Nice-to-Haves" in Commercial Real Estate

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Real estate trend forecasters have touted San Antonio as a growing "hotbed" for investor activity in recent years because of its low unemployment, steady job growth, and reliably inexpensive costs associated with living and doing business in the city. This is all very good news for just about everyone living, working, and investing in San Antonio, but as the city charges ahead to become a place for serious investment, the agencies marketing commercial properties to potential buyers need to re-evaluate their photography portfolios.

Does your agency use professional commercial real estate photographers for your property listings? Better yet. Does your commercial real estate firm use professional drone photographers to produce photos and videos of your listings? If either question has left you in doubt or with more questions, let us make the case for adding high-caliber marketing assets to your marketing plan.

Maybe you consider yourself a traditional agent, preferring only the "necessary images" to complete the transaction paperwork, and maybe that has been all your buyers and upper management have required. But as drones become accessible to the masses at just about any price point, the last thing you want is your listings appearing static and dull next to cinematic birds-eye-views that lend depth and context to a property's location and nearby commerce.

Frost Tower, San Antonio, TX - Weston Urban / KDC


Our experienced commercial real estate photographers produce high-resolution, golden hour ground photography, as well as dramatic aerial photography for retail spaces, luxury lakefront properties, multi-million dollar commercial buildings, Airbnbs, condos, VRBOs and more. Our photographers are also FAA certified drone pilots, making us a more budget-friendly and convenient choice when it comes to scheduling aerial and ground photography.

What makes drone technology perfect for commercial real estate is that it can produce high-resolution images and quality 4K video that will attract new tenants and investors, and elevate your commercial property portfolio. Video is a transportive, versatile medium that can create seamless property tours and dramatic exterior shots that generate interest in the property and surrounding destinations. With professional, high-grade drones, your images will showcase the property and cityscape in a way that sets your services apart from those other agents choosing the turnkey standard shot list.

Cornerstone Home Lending, San Antonio TX - CBRE

Like most great things in life, no two drone pilots are the same, and as the budding drone industry guidelines and standards continue to evolve, it is a good idea to do some research first. Many ambitious drone enthusiasts are trying to make some extra money by advertising themselves as professional photographers but their lack of experience makes them a liability for your company. To help you separate the professional drone photographers from the hobbyists, we recommend using this checklist before booking:

  1. How many years have they been providing their professional services?

  2. Can they provide you their FAA certification and registration documentation?

  3. Do they have drone insurance? All professional drone pilots should have insurance to cover the liability costs of flying.

  4. Ask for at least one professional reference.

Bexar County Public Works, San Antonio, TX - Marmon Mok Architecture

InterContinental Hotel - Miami, FL - APT

The photos White Cloud Drones has provided for us are always of high quality. We use them in our commercial real estate marketing flyers and offering memoranda. They are very reliable, with quick turnarounds and a meticulous work ethic, not to mention, they have a great support team that is very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend White Cloud Drones to anyone looking for photography and/or drone support. You won’t be disappointed! Jennifer Gonzales, Client Services, CBRE

Circle K Campus - San Antonio, TX - CBRE

Circle K Campus - San Antonio, TX - CBRE

We know timeliness is everything in the real estate business, and our team prides itself on working against tight schedules without sacrificing quality. Our base packages include a minimum of 40 proofs and 10 complimentary edited photos. If you would like to discuss your particular photography needs, email Our team is ready to send one of our professional photographers out to your next property listing.

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