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Take Your Videos Farther: How to Create New Content with Existing Videos

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

We have all been there. You finally completed your latest video project, you have shared it on all the usual platforms, and it has been seen by your top leadership and everyone in your department. Then, feeling like you have exhausted your distribution strategy, you move on, never to revisit the video. The issue with publishing videos on auto-pilot is that we don't recognize the gigantic content gap we leave unfilled when shelving a video too soon.

What if we told you that your previously housed video had the potential of reaching 2-3x (or more!) its original audience size, all without spending another dime? Whether your video is brand new or months old, there are avenues to broadcast the content further and strengthen your marketing power, ultimately saving you time, department resources, and headache that comes from reinventing the marketing wheel prematurely.

Developing multiple content formats to complement your video is key to reinforcing the central ideas and calls to action, resulting in stronger marketing and sales campaigns that result in a return on your video investment. Marketing is, after all, the practice of repetition. Have you ever heard of the Rule of Seven? The Rule of Seven is the theory that, on average, consumers need to hear a message seven times before making their purchase. Yes, seven times.

Sure, the idea of reimagining a video you have already spent so much time on sounds a little daunting at first, but once you have repurposed one, you will see how much more strategically you can plan out future videos. Sounds promising, right? Let's get to it.

Create graphics. Underscore the strongest points made in the video by creating pull quotes, charts with important stats, gifs, memes, checklists, and so on for social media posts and newsletters to tempt your audience to click on the video and watch it in its entirety.

Blogs. Say what you will about them, but blogs are a place for your shareholders and donors to read updates on your products and services. They can also be a customer service tool for your staff to answer common customer questions and highlight your company's latest partnership or innovation. Blogs are also the perfect channel to transcribe a video interview or elaborate on a topic that your video covered because the platform lends itself to more long-form content. You might even consider writing a case study on the client that provided a testimonial or a problem or service central to the video.

Despite the rumors, emails are not an archaic means of communication. Pushing videos through email is worthwhile because videos perform well in email. Additionally, a video series shared via email provides you with a dedicated channel for diving into a complex topic. There is no more effective way to build your credibility and showcase your company's expertise in a specific area than with multiple reinforcing videos and a recurring means of communication that drives action with every email.

Incorporate the video content into a presentation. For those videos that are more than three minutes and/or very detailed, with in-depth explanations on a given topic, consider breaking it into sections that you can utilize in a presentation format for internal use to other departments, as well for future client meetings.

Re-stream your video! Did you recently broadcast a pre-recorded event? A few days later, re-streaming it on your social media platforms gives those followers who missed the initial broadcast a chance to see the video again, with the added benefit of re-engaging them via built-in engagement tools like polls and Q&A, often offered on social media platforms. If you are a nonprofit, your event sponsors will get twice the exposure to your supporters!

Micro-content doesn't have to be scary. Reimagine your video in 15-30 soundbites for those micro-content platforms, like TikTok and Instagram Stories. This tactic is handy to promote most videos, including lengthy explainer videos and customer testimonials. Just don't forget to add a link to view the video in its entirety.

Could you send it to your local media? Is your video timely? Topical? Consider sending it to your area media outlets to see if they would be interested in doing a story on your video's concept or theme. If your video is a timely announcement or innovative concept, the outlet might even link to it on their website, reaching a much larger audience than you could on your own and increasing brand recognition in your market.

We hope these ideas have underscored the value of repurposing your videos and that you begin to entertain the many open doors you have to larger, broader audiences, especially on the platforms not traditionally designed for hosting full-length videos. Not to mention the fact that this content-building approach gives you and your marketing team the freedom to focus your collective creative energy on that next big marketing project staring back at you.

We make creating videos easy. Need a video, or have an idea for your next video? Email today and speak with someone from our team to get started.

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