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Marketers: How Can You Use AI for Your Next Video?

Despite how it may feel, AI didn't arrive to us overnight. But the surge in media buzz over the release of chatbot systems like ChatGPT and Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing has many of us wondering (and honestly, fearing) how it will change the way we work.

So what does AI technology mean for marketers? And how can you take advantage of it when developing ideas for video content?

As it turns out, there are several ways that marketers can use AI technology to improve their video content once they are ready to move beyond fear of the unknown. Many marketers have been hesitant to incorporate AI into their video content strategy because they don't know enough about it or they are afraid they will make mistakes using it. But while it is true that there is still much we don't know about the future potential of AI (and how it will affect our lives), that shouldn't stop us from finding ways to use this technology for good. The best way to overcome your fears is by doing some research and learning more about what this technology can do to help you create better video content.

Here are just a few ways marketers can use AI to come up with ideas for creating their next video:

1. Develop a list of keywords or topics related to your business, products, and services and enter the keywords into an AI platform like Google Cloud Video Intelligence (GCVI). It will then use those keywords to generate short descriptions of videos that could be created around them, as well as a suggested topic title and thumbnail image for each video idea.

2. Source content ideas from your audience: AI tools like Google Trends can help you find out what topics people are searching for online and what they want to learn about those topics. This information helps you come up with fresh content ideas that will appeal to your target audience.

3. Write scripts and outlines: Chatbots are great at responding to questions quickly, but they can also be used as writers by using natural language processing (NLP) to develop scripts and outlines that match your brand values. This way, chatbots don't just answer questions—they write out original content too!

We hope you are inspired to use AI to create your next video.


This post was written (mostly) by with prompts from our team to showcase the power and opportunities to incorporate AI into the daily workflows of marketers, content creators, sales executives, business owners -- the list goes on!

In fact, we have already uncovered ways in which AI can help White Cloud streamline production workflows and offer better client experiences: we can use AI generated templates to kick off our creative sessions and source AI generated images to build mood boards; we can mock up set designs and create storyboarding videos to map out productions; and maybe most interesting is discovering the AI software to clean up microphone failures.

While we continue to build our case for AI and test it out for ourselves, we encourage you to step into this brave new way of working and see how your next video can benefit from your use of AI technology.

We make creating videos easy by becoming extensions of your production team and acting as your guide throughout the production process. If you are looking for a video production team to produce the next video that helps you drive results, let's talk! Email

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