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Developing Your Video Content: A Vlog Success Story

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

What is a vlog you ask? The short answer is that a vlog is a blog produced in video form that provides value to a target audience. Vlogs aren't just for YouTube stars anymore, and many businesses are finding ways to incorporate this video trend into their content marketing strategy. Our client BRAUSTIN Homes is proving that when done right, the recurring content produced from their vlogs can build trust with their consumers and drive desired engagement with their brand. BRAUSTIN Homes is a San Antonio-based company enhancing the mobile home-buying experience with advanced technology that gives customers virtual tours of their dream home and offers an easier purchasing experience -- the ability to do it all online! Understanding that they need fresh content to attract people to their company, BRAUSTIN's team began researching the common concerns and hurdles experienced by their target consumers. After gathering a ton of data, BRAUSTIN's marketing team determined that vlogs were the best channel for offering easily digestible information that could both dispel misconceptions about their industry and inform their customers' home-buying decisions.

We have been producing BRAUSTIN Homes' vlogs for their YouTube channel for over three years, and they are big believers in building their presence on YouTube.

"Since we have almost 50 videos [on YouTube] we average roughly 5,000 views a month just on the vlogs, and that is with our current audience.  As more people find us on the website, those views will go up and so will the frequency with which YouTube suggests those videos directly on YouTube," said Jeff S., CMO for BRAUSTIN Homes.

BRAUSTIN Home's YouTube channel has 10 million views in just three years thanks in part to their library of content that cover everything from complex topics like paying off your mortgage early, to more customer-specific content, like addressing the concerns seniors have when considering downsizing their home. The video below is one of their most recent vlogs with their CEO Alberto Pena who explains the ease of buying a home from one's couch.

According to a Cowen property Consumer Tracking Survey, YouTube is the second most preferred platform (Netflix is in the top spot) for watching videos on TV screens for those ages 18-34, while remaining steadily popular across all age groups.

Music videos remain the most-watched content category on YouTube, but product reviews, how-tos, and vlogs follow very close behind, allowing you to capitalize on the strength of YouTube's audience estimated at 2 billion users worldwide.

It should be mentioned that no one social platform is a surefire bet for getting a return on your marketing investment, but the more energy you put into understanding your industry and learning how to optimize your videos for Google search, the more a platform like YouTube can provide you with desired results.

To ensure that your videos meet your marketing goals, research where your decision-makers go to learn about the products or services you offer and the kind of information they are looking for when they search for that product or service in your market.

Channel + in-demand content + consistent posts

= loyal customers and clients

Are you a B2C business trying to sell a lifestyle product to a hyper-targeted consumer? Or are you a software company offering niche enterprise solutions to large corporations? The answer to that question ultimately informs the direction of your video content, so above all else, be sure to consider your target audience and what motivates them to purchase your product or service. These considerations will help to avoid needless spending on reshoots and the stress that comes from stretching your marketing budget to its limit with additional post-production edits.

Outlining the goals and objectives of your video ahead of time will help you:

  • Fine-tune the messaging in your video

  • Decide which type of video you need to produce (vlog vs interview vs product review)

  • Determine the length your video needs to be to get your message across

  • Choose the right style and tone of your video

  • Decide where you should broadcast your video

Implementing video campaigns into a content marketing strategy can feel daunting, but you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Our experienced creative team is always available to walk you through the direction of your next video and determine which types of video(s) will positively impact the goals you have set for your business.

We make creating videos easy. Email us today at


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