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Bringing San Antonio Nonprofits to Life Through Video

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Every nonprofit has a story to tell, a message to share. But a great many don't know where to start, and that uncertainty can get in the way of producing a video that elevates their brand awareness and achieves their organizational goals. For the past several years, many San Antonio area nonprofit organizations have trusted us to develop compelling videos for their marketing and fundraising campaigns because they realize the storytelling power of video.

If you are a nonprofit leader or volunteer tasked with producing a video for your nonprofit, we are here to streamline your vision and get your story on screen. There is a myriad of videos you can produce to reach donors and stakeholders, and we have listed some ideas to kick things off.

  • Explain your mission

  • Promote a fundraising event

  • Pay tribute to a long-time donor or sponsor

  • Highlight the impact of a program or service

  • Share a timely announcement 

  • Thank donors and volunteers

  • Highlight your community partners

  • Client testimonials

  • Volunteer recruitment and retention

Our nonprofit clients are often looking to video to demonstrate the impact they have on the communities they serve. Here are a few different video examples that we have produced.

Testimonials from PROSPERA Clients

Client testimonials allow the people you serve to share what makes your nonprofit unique and how they have benefited from your services. This is a video for PROSPERA Housing Community Services, which provides safe, affordable housing, and a broad list of support services to people in need. These clients share their personal stories of hardship and how PROSPERA staff have helped them overcome difficult situations.

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio's Youth of the Year Finalist Video

Short vignettes are glimpses into the stories of clients who have benefited from your program or service. This video approach allows clients to share your impact story through their own experiences, which can be highly effective in swaying people to get involved with your organization. The video below is one of five Club kid vignettes we produce each year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio annual Youth of the Year gala. We have enjoyed this work not only because we believe their programs are vital to underserved youth, but also because their Club kids present a breadth of avenues for short storytelling.

Street2Feet Annual 5K Run/Walk Event

Events are a vital revenue stream for area nonprofits, and many are seeing the value in creating event footage to promote their fundraising events. Street2Feet is a wellness program that promotes health among individuals experiencing homelessness and empowers them to participate in a running program that culminates with their annual 5K Run/Walk fundraiser. We have filmed this event for years, and the outpouring of community support that we capture speaks volumes about the strength of their program.

Hopefully, these sample videos send your creativity soaring with ideas for your next video, but before we get ahead of ourselves with sketching out the scenes and drafting a script, make sure you work closely with your decision-makers to answer to the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this video?

  • Who is the audience for this video?

  • What is the message you want to share? This answer informs the talking points and the creative direction for your video.

  • Which digital platforms will be utilized to get this message out?

  • What is the desired length for the video? Once you know which platforms you will use and the purpose of the video, you can determine its length.

  • Who will be on-screen for the video?

  • What is your timeline for getting this video produced? We suggest that timelines for the production are finalized at least two weeks before the first shoot.

  • What is your budget for this video?

This last question is probably the one that most nonprofits -- big and small -- get stuck on, and with good reason. We understand that nonprofits operate on tiny department budgets with little to no flexibility and that every dollar used for fundraising and marketing is a dollar that isn't going directly back into the programs, which then has to be justified. We get it, and it's why we offer advice to those nonprofits whose only setback is small, to nonexistent, budgets for production.

We've heard from quite a few nonprofit fundraisers who tell us that their donors only want to spend money on programs, and the truth is, most will say that. However, it is highly likely that one of your top-tier donors allocates their marketing dollars to sponsorships, which means there might be wiggle room for a conversation. This is the time to schedule a meeting with your chosen donor to ask them if they would be willing to include your video project in their sponsorship. This request may not be right for your organization, but it is one that should be explored if left with the choice between producing a powerful video and waiting until next year. And who knows, they may be so excited by this project that they are willing to go on camera and tell others why they support your mission!

Our team at White Cloud Drones has over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, working for causes that address everything from food insecurity and addiction to homelessness and animal rights. Our backgrounds in communications and fundraising lend a sympathetic understanding to budget constraints, and we will do what we can to find solutions to your financial setbacks.

We make creating videos easy. Email, and let us help you create a video that motivates donors, volunteers, community leaders, and prospective employees to advocate for your cause.

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